Because you and I constantly grow

I’m waiting for a call that can potentially morph my career – and my life. Yes, I’m nervous, excited and, strangely, melancholic. But this melancholy is, I guess, in response to the fear of changes… changes that I once accused of not wanting to occur.


This is The Avenue, the extension of a sheet of concrete I’ve been walking for the past 10 years. The first six years, The Avenue got nothing from me but tears of helplessness, anger, and resentment.

You see, Dear Reader, I had just left my home. It happened early, I was 16 years old. My survival method consisted of moving from one blue collar job to the next. Fast food cashier, waitress, receptionist; my humble but honorable titles.

Let me tell you about a time I’ll never forget.  After condemning my life and those around it while passing The Avenue, I walked inside my fairly new job at the time (nine years ago). My position? Waitress/cashier/cook. My former boss, a dark skin man from South America with straight black hair and tiny eyes, asked me to start washing the morning dishes. I did. While doing so, a strong thought came to my mind, “I’m not moving forward.” Tears took over the lower part of my face. My throat closed; it felt as if I was swallowing blocks of darkness. I felt the man’s presence behind me, and he proceeded to say, “You’re not going to wash dishes for the rest of your life.”

I’ve been carrying those words since that moment. Changing the sentences, I’ve told my self: “You’re not going to pick phones for the rest of your life;” “You’re not going to sweep floors for the rest of your life. And so on…

But you know, Dear Reader, sometimes we forget that we are in constant growth. Of course, it takes motivation and dedication to make that growth happen. But even when we are putting ourselves through college, or practicing that sport or art, or simply trying a little harder…sometimes it feels as if everybody progresses, but us.

No. You and I, Dear Reader, are growing every second, every hour. It takes somebody to remind us; It takes a quick look at our surroundings; it takes appreciation. Sometimes, it takes a call to remind you that you’ve grown to the point to be considered for a position or team you once thought unachievable.

If you’ve experienced anything similar, please tell me. I would love to learn from you.

Until next time, Dear Reader.


18 thoughts on “Because you and I constantly grow

  1. Man this is truth right here. I felt this exact same way at the end of my freshman year in college. Taking gen ed classes at a time when you expect to be focusing on your major and your overall career can be tough, and it really just felt like I wasn’t progressing intellectual because I had really been taking gen ed classes all of my life in school. But it wasn’t until after I just read your post that I realized that I was growing slowly but surely. I might’ve been retaking a few classes, but I was experiencing new people, new environments, and different situations that I had never experienced before. Now I can see that I learned new things about myself and the many people of the world, and that was something that I didn’t accountant. And in a way, I’m glad that I didn’t because it allowed me to react to things naturally, which helped me find out more about myself. Okay sorry for the long reply, but hey you asked right? Haha Anyway, thanks for the post. You opened my mind a little wider.


    1. Well, after reading your comment, I think that the mission of the post has been accomplished. That’s funny, I experienced something similar in college… and it took me so long to finish. But it’s done! The best of luck to you..and keep sharing your thoughts. I’ll be here to read. Thanks!

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      1. Yeah it’s crazy how history really repeats itself sometimes. And you’re welcome! I’ll keep following your post as long as you keep posting awesome stuff like this.


  2. “it takes motivation and dedication to make that growth happen”
    I wish more people in my country would realize this. I see so many people, around my age or a bit older, who are stuck because of complacency (don’t know if thats the right word) when they have potential to be more if only they try, or stop to think about the future a bit. Although, I can’t really say this without thinking that I have no right when my family provides an environment which allows me to be open to possibilities.
    Your story is very heartening. Thanks for the lovely post, and sorry if this was off topic!


    1. No, not at all off topic. I understand your point. Well, had I decided to stay in a “confortable” environment without risking anything for a better future, I could’ve been pressing a wet sponge against dishes, right now, for survival; instead of pressing tiny buttons on my keyword, for pleasure. I’m glad you enjoyed the post. I also think it’s really cool that you try to understand the position of people whose lives are different than yours. Have a great weekend!

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  3. Hi,
    Your post rings so true. Everyone tends to feel sometimes that they are not moving ahead, in fact, I was feeling that today. I think it was some awesome coincidence that you liked my post today and I ended up reading yours. It was just the kind of thing I wanted to hear. Thanks for reminding me that I have come a long long way from where I started. 🙂


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