Did I just ruin my career? I’m scared

It felt as if giving my career a new look, a positive twist, a boost. But doubts knocked on my door, braking through without a warrant. I was left with only one possession, a thought: “I think that I just ruined my career.” Continue reading


Before the first day at my new job starts

Dear Reader, tomorrow is the beginning of an exciting, frightening, and very surprising adventure, I begin a new job. Yes, of course I’m happy to start, but if I said that I’m not a little, or very scared, it would be a huge lie.

The joy comes from the possibilities and opportunities that may arrive. The fear, which grows by the minute, comes from thinking too much on all the negative “what ifs.” I’ve laughed at myself for taking all of this like a teenager before prom.

I wish the strange sensation inside my belly would go away, but I guess I’ll embrace it as part of this not-so-new experience.

Dear Reader, I will keep you posted as to how it goes. Until next time.

What was that? My experience after quitting my job

She looked towards me, eyes moving from side to side, hands shaking as if a cold front had hit them, face turning pale and red like traffic lights, lips pressing hard against each other. What was that? Continue reading

Because you and I constantly grow

I’m waiting for a call that can potentially morph my career – and my life. Yes, I’m nervous, excited and, strangely, melancholic. But this melancholy is, I guess, in response to the fear of changes… changes that I once accused of not wanting to occur.

Continue reading

Good Morning for the first time, dear reader 

This will be the first words, first thoughts, first attempts to continue practicing this language known as English while I share some of my experiences and observations with you, dear reader. 

There will be no theme. The purpose of future writings is to expose beats of my life, which, probably as yours, is full of randomness that usually make us scratch our heads, release some tears, and even let some smiles fly. Well, we’ll see what happens. Will connect soon, dear reader.